Introduction to the Exhibition Module

The Exhibtion Module allows adminstrators to prepare up to 100 slides, organised in rows (themes or topics) and columns (viewing sequence). The user can navigate along rows and between the first slide of each row.

An exhibit can be curated so that the viewer must begin each theme or topic at the beginning of the sequence, allowing the story to be told as intended.

Different Assets can be displayed

Exhibition module can display images, video, audio and so on.

Some additional historic photographs showcased in full screen

Slide Layout Control

Slide layouts are based on Template selection, choice of background (colour or image), Title font, paragraph font and background as well as positioning of the asset.

A video can be played

The slide detects the asset type and embeds the viewer into the slide

Mt Aspiring as shown in early tourist promotional images

Slides can be cloned and modified for simplicity

Copying other slides is a quick to build out the exhibition and ensures that backgrounds are consistent.

Audio can also be played

Profile images can be selected to show with the audio player.

Mt Aspiring as shown in early tourist promotional images

This is a photo of the royal tour in 1954

A very comfortable Queen and Duke touring the country ...

See the record in Recollect