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Recollect Browser Update

Outdated Browser Alert

You are seeing this page because your browser is outdated.

Recollect websites require a modern browser to function properly. Your browser has been detected as out of date, which may lead to security vulnerabilities and a poor browsing experience. Some of the risks of using an outdated browser include:

  • Security vulnerabilities: Outdated browsers are more susceptible to malware and other security threats, which could compromise your personal information and put your device at risk.
  • Poor website performance: Old browsers might not be able to display all website features or function optimally, leading to a frustrating browsing experience.

Please update your browser to ensure the best user experience and protect your online security.

How to update your browser

Below are some links to help you update your browser:

Updating your browser is a quick and easy process that will ensure you can access all of our website\'s features safely and securely. A few benefits of using a modern browser include:

  • Improved performance: Modern browsers are faster and more efficient, decreasing page load times and improving your browsing experience.
  • Better security: Most modern browsers come with built-in security features that protect you from online threats and safeguard your personal information.
  • Access to new features: With a modern browser, you can take advantage of new web technologies and features that are not available on older browsers.